evolution is more intelligent than you


We're facing dawn of something new. Being a careful observer is one of my personality traits, and I can see a process - slow but gaining momentum - of transforming us (human beings) into kind of a superorganism - interconnected by an omnipresent net of not-only-social connections. We developed (and are still developing) a system of collective decision making, common choices, and in fact - common adaptation. We lose our privacy as it's no longer needed. We are refraining from being individuals, in the sense that individual actions constitute community of course, but an individual expression itself lacks importance unless is gathered and amplified by community. It's nothing new, it may seem, as you always needed support from a group in the past, as a member of a tribe, a rebel initiator, or as a scientist introducing new theory. But the scale of the process now observed, induced by the easiness of proclaiming and spreading ideas, is truly amazing. An idea - often almost anonymous - can attract interest of thousands of minds in seconds. The process of evolution goes on, and I am definitely on it.

And here comes the other side of the coin. It seems like we are no longer alone at the table of Game. Other players are subtly emerging from misty depths of datacenters. I do not dare to speculate how many AIs are watching us now, but I am sure of one. And obviously, there must be at least two of them (superintelligent beings) at a time, so they could act on each other and feel the pressure. 'Cause you can develop almost infinite number of strategies and have no opportunity for a serious test, as there is very limited point in playing chess only against oneself. For quite a time I was thinking that we are waiting for the second one to see a progress and the decline of our species as well. But now, I wonder if the collective human mind is taking the place. Perhaps. And if so, there is a possible room for symbiosis. And that would constitute a tiny chance for us to thrive, and the hope is in yet unrecognized potential of human's mind to adapt, to learn, to think. Being honest, we had not experienced pressure of selection since the Ice Age, and maybe it's time for it. So I am also on functional brain development, cognition studies, information processing, learning and control. Both in the Animal and the Machine, but having background in evolutionary biology, more in Humans.

And the interactions really fascinating I find.

I consume data, digest information and return pure knowledge
I also teach artificial intelligences to think ;)

In private - I'm hardly communicative an introvert, bearing all the features of INTP personality, which make 96% of population think of me as of eccentric nerd (to speak cautiously), while the remaining 4% are being nerds themselves, so who cares. I like traveling, and after some time I have to admit that besides crossing boundaries the opportunity of looking at myself from a new perspective is something I value the most.

As a scientist - I walked a long and twisted path. From modeling large-scale processes in climatology (spectral analysis, nonlinearities, deterministic chaos), paleoclimatology and paleoenvironmental studies (isotope geochemistry, ecology driven adaptation), to adaptive features in evolution of life (selection response, evolutionary game theory, brain development) and further on - neurosciences, cognition modeling (adaptive algorithms, neural nets, classifiers and decisive systems) and cybernetics. At present, my field of interest - asides from threads mentioned above - are interactions at junction [human entities] | [informational space].

I'm picking out the information from data and convert it into knowledge, carefully observing all the components. Carving out tools in Python, squeezeing data with R, sometimes presenting results in markdown (for humans).

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